Today I sat with Hassan Oberkrom, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Plantmello, to talk about vegan products and their ability to replace animal-based alternatives.

Tim Aaron Gashiz (TAG): Hi Hassan, it’s great to get to speak to you about this project.

Hassan Oberkrom (HO): Hey Tim! Yes, it’s crazy that we never got to have a formal conversation about it, although we literally know each other forever.

TAG: So let’s dive right into it: what is the driving idea behind Plantmello?

HO: Well, it’s simple. Do you drink plant-based beverages?

TAG: Yes, I have to admit I’m an Oatly fanatic…

Like many people, I had a lot of underwhelming experiences with meditation. Hearing people touting the benefits of the practice can be frustrating when one is used to sitting for dozens of minutes waiting for a bell to ring, ending up slighting bored and with numb legs.

However, I did have one exceptional meditation experience in my life. My girlfriend, at the time, took me to a meditation center in the city. It was late at night, the room was perfectly quiet, and as I sat, I found myself falling into a deep and peaceful focus. …

Photo by POR7O on Unsplash

Is Karma a form of utilitarianism?

About six years ago, I had a chance encounter with a smart, successful entrepreneur. We met in a co-working space from where she was remotely monitoring her business empire. Within minutes, she poked holes in my own business plans and impressed me with her wit and ambition.

Later in the evening, we joined friends for dinner, and she declined to drink alcohol. Abstinence from alcohol is not something I usually question. But she must have been used to justifying herself, cause she explained: “I am not drinking because I am a Buddhist.”

I was not yet aware that Buddhists couldn’t…


About two years ago, I fell deeply, deeply in love. I was staying overnight at a friend’s place, discussing my ecstatic frame of mind. I tried to describe to him the state of being “in love”, and I did it like so:

I am in love with this person because I am more of myself when she is around.

I could feel that this definition was satisfying, but couldn’t pinpoint why.

It took me two years to figure it out, taking lessons from Buddhist tales and Muslim poems.

What Islam taught me about love

Sufism is a branch of Islam often qualified as “Islam mysticism”. Sufism…

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Interested in spirituality, the intersection of different religious beliefs, with a good dose of science on top of it.

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